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"Helping Your Friend Starts Here"

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Seeing someone you care about struggle can be tough, and it’s natural to want to help. If you're concerned that a friend might be facing mental health challenges,

Safe-Sharing can discreetly reach out with a hand of support.


How It Works - Step-by-Step Guide:

Provide Your Friend’s Email

"Enter the email address of the friend you're concerned about. We'll send them an invitation to explore the support available at Safe-Sharing."

We Reach Out

"Our team will send a thoughtful and carefully worded email to your friend, offering them a free 15 minute counselling session and access to free open resources. This email will not mention your name. It will be an invitation to connect and discover our services."

Privacy Assurance

"Your friend’s privacy and comfort are paramount. They can choose to accept the invitation and connect with us at their own pace. There is no obligation, and their decision to seek support remains confidential."

Control your Anonymity

"It is optional to provide your email ID, your name or your friend's name. Thus your and your friend's identity is entirely in your control."

Thanks for submitting.

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