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From Bhavya

I made my way out of a toxic relationship with a person after he abused me in every way possible. He literally exploited me. It was quiet for 5 months and I would always change my way whenever I saw him, as we live in the same building. My mental health was improving.

But out of nowhere I was attacked by him and his now girlfriend. They entered the kitchen and started verbally abusing me. I asked them to sit down and explain what was going on. Instead, they began saying meaningless and baseless things to provoke and harass me. They escalated the situation by making offensive comments about my family.

I felt helpless and scared, repeatedly pleading for them to stop. They continued their cruel remarks, saying condescending things about my father, calling him an idler and claiming he had no money. These insults about my father, who has always been my hero, were the last straw.

When he wouldn't stop speaking about my father, I got up and tried to cover his mouth to make him stop. He responded by trying to punch me and hitting me on the head. He then grabbed my hair and pulled it mercilessly, hitting me on my head, back, and thighs, and tried to tear my clothes. When he did so, my top was lifted, leaving my body exposed. Feeling extremely humiliated, I tried to run away.

While he was hitting me, I attempted to protect myself by standing in a fetal position and covering my head with my hands. As a result, most of the blows landed on my head and back. I grabbed whatever I could—a pair of tongs—to scare them away and threw it.

I feel pain all over my body. The whole experience has left me feeling traumatized and broken. The sense of safety I once felt is gone, replaced by constant anxiety and fear. The physical pain may heal over time, but the emotional scars run deep. I feel isolated, humiliated, and profoundly hurt. This ordeal has shaken me to my core, leaving me questioning my sense of self and my ability to trust others.

I feel scared and I don't what to do. I can't stop crying

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