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From Jasmine

So moving to the UK for my master's degree sounded like a fab idea, but yaar, it's been nothing short of a nightmare. Every day's a juggle between the uni and part-time work just to make ends meet. I'm forever stressed, and it's like, kab tak? Night after night, my mind's racing about the future, wondering if I chucked a massive googly at my life by coming here.

The uncertainty is killing, baba. What if I can't hack it? What if the money runs out or my grades tank? Constantly questioning my decision, thinking maybe I jumped the gun, got too excited and didn’t think it all through.

And it ain’t just about the workload or the cash crunch; it’s the loneliness in a sea of unknown faces, missing ghar, my friends, and my family. There’s this heavy-duty pressure to prove this wasn’t a wrong choice, that I can tough it out. But on some days, I'm not that sure.

I try to keep my spirits up, keep telling myself it’s all part of the big adventure, that I’m growing, learning, becoming more self-reliant. But sach batau? It’s tough, really tough. Just gotta keep at it, no? Can't turn back now. Have to make it all worthwhile, somehow.

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