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From Leo

Man, where do I even start? I have been top of the class, and now I find myself scraping rock bottom. College was supposed to be the big league, right? But then I got tangled up in some heavy shit. Drugs, man. They mess you up bad, and before you know it, you're not even you anymore.

I was acing tests, dreaming big—gonna be somebody, you know? Then I started hanging with this crowd, just for kicks. One thing led to another, and suddenly, I'm the guy always looking for the next high. It's like a hole you can't climb out of. Everything I worked for, down the drain. Scholarships, respect, my future—poof, gone. It’s like I handed my life over to some demon that just wouldn’t let go.

My folks, they tried to help. But what can you do when you're so far gone you can't even trust yourself? Every promise to quit just turned into another tomorrow. “I'll stop tomorrow,” but tomorrow never came. It’s all a blur, just a bunch of messed-up days strung together. Lost friends, lost time, and damn, so much regret.

And the worst part? I know it's all on me. I made those choices, right? No one shoved that stuff down my throat. I picked it up, and I didn't let go. It's like living with a ghost of who I could've been, haunting me, reminding me that I fucked up big time.

Now, here I am, trying to piece back whatever’s left. It ain’t easy, man. People look at you, they don’t see you trying to be better—they just see the screw-up, the junkie. Rebuilding's tough when you’re starting from less than zero. But I gotta try, right? For my folks, for me. I don’t wanna be that 'what if' guy.

So, I'm hitting those meetings, talking it out. Every day's a battle, dude. But maybe, just maybe, I can find my way back. Make something of this mess. It’s a long shot.

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