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From Priya

Hi, I’m Priya. I’m 27, living in Edinburgh, and I’ve been dealing with severe migraines for years. They’re debilitating, and they’re affecting every aspect of my life – my job, my social life, everything. The pain is unbearable, and it’s taking a toll on my mental health.

I work in finance, a high-pressure job with long hours and constant deadlines. The stress triggers my migraines, and when they hit, I’m out of commission for days. I’ve missed so much work because of them, and I’m worried about my job security. My boss is understanding, but there’s only so much leniency you can expect in this industry.

The migraines are unpredictable. They can hit at any time, and when they do, it’s like someone’s driving a nail through my skull. The pain is blinding, and I’m left curled up in a dark room, unable to move or think. I’ve tried every treatment under the sun – medication, acupuncture, diet changes – but nothing seems to work.

The worst part is the impact on my social life. I’ve had to cancel plans so many times that my friends have stopped inviting me out. They don’t understand how debilitating the migraines are, and I feel like I’m constantly letting them down. It’s lonely, isolating. I want to be out there, living my life, but the pain keeps me trapped.

My family is supportive, but they’re far away. I moved to Edinburgh for work, and most of my family is back in India. The distance makes everything harder. I can’t just pop over to my parents’ house for a bit of comfort. I’m dealing with this on my own, and it’s exhausting.

The anxiety and depression that come with chronic pain are real. I’m constantly worried about when the next migraine will hit, about how it will affect my job, my relationships. The stress of it all is overwhelming. I’ve thought about quitting my job, but what then? I need the income, the stability. It’s a catch-22, and I don’t see a way out.

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